Relevance of our efforts

Published November 6, 2012

By Rejeshwor Devkota-Executive Director

Education is the gradual process of acquiring knowledge and skill for a preparation for life; whereas vocational training is an academic or non-academic training for specific vocations in industry or agriculture or trade. It is directly concerned with livelihood. In general, term “vocational training” in a conversation, refers to a certain type of training aiming to prepare skilled human resource to fulfill the demand of labor market. Long term and academic training produce skilled human resource and short term and non-academic training produce semi-skilled human resource. Skilled person required for managerial and monitoring/mentoring responsibility and semi-skilled person require for direct involvement in the field. In other words, semi- skilled human resource produce the goods and skilled person check the quality, support to produce quality goods, support for capacity building of semi-skilled person.

Vocational training should not only train people for all types of work and their modalities but also for community life in order to understand social and working relations and to act in a transforming way. In Nepali context; vocational training is known as training for those; who cannot complete their higher education. In fact; it is not true. As above said; vocational skill is the skill in specific vocation, these vocations take place in day-to-day activities of a person directly.

There are many qualities; those need to learn by a person to become real human resource of the job market. These qualities are; for instance; self recognition: Who am I?, Where I am working?, Why I am here? I am working for whom? What should I achieve?, etc, dealing with person/s in front of, good listening and appreciative response, understand and cope with stress, learn circumstances, able to handle basic supportive tools (computer, English communication, mathematics, etc…). Therefore, it could be said that vocational training means both training for work and training for good citizenship.

Vocational training is connected with the processes of technological transfer, innovation and development. Hence, knowledge is the fundamental basis for the processes of technological innovation and development; vocational training is a strategic tool that becomes essential for these processes to take place. UCEP Nepal as a pioneer in technical education and vocational training in our country is now more focused on making a robust program with components that investigates and integrates other most necessary behavioral and contextual competencies to the technical one.

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