We are project based organization. We develop projects and search partners to support the idea. List of our partners are as follows:

  • Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education
  • Government of Nepal, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare
  • Government of Nepal, Home Ministry
  • Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)
  • Embassy of Finland
  • Save the Children in Nepal
  • Aide Et Action International Nepal
  • Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association (KAAA)
  • Hands-In-Outreach (HIO)
  • ¬†Morang Auto Works
  • Tuki Sang Sunkoshi
  • Prof. Nino Grau
  • Brigitte Schaden
  • Ms Kathy Schneitter and Mr. Denis Bugnard
  • Concern Nepal
  • Voice of Children Nepal
  • Sangrila Home Nepal
  • PEACEWIN Nepal
  • Space Bardiya
  • Alliance Nepal
  • Children’s Home
  • Remote Area Development Center (RADC)
We Will Rise Again
We Will Rise Again!!!
To help Nepal rise please contribute in following Bank A/C: UCEP Nepal, A/C No. : 00101010250832, Bank