IPMA Children's day School Building of Juvenile correctional home Inaugurated by Honorable Chief Justice Mr Ram Kumar Shah and Honorable Minister of Women, Children and Social Welfare. Thought of the week 9 10321607_740548615981055_6215496061940050438_o Thougt of the week 8 Thought of the week 6 Thought of the week 5 Thought of the week 4 Thought Of the week  3

Who we are?

We are a non-profit organization that transforms the future prospect of socially and economically disadvantaged youth and children through a constellation of programs on education support, livelihood technical training, career and psychosocial counseling, job placement services, after training support, juvenile correctional and legal aid services.We work to build human, social and emotional capital of individuals by nurturing their interests and skills to enable them to perform at their fullest.Our raison d’être is to contribute to enhance the quality of life of the disadvantaged through the light of education, training and decent work.


We Will Rise Again
We Will Rise Again!!!
To help Nepal rise please contribute in following Bank A/C: UCEP Nepal, A/C No. : 00101010250832, Bank